Sabeehah Shaikh is a self-taught makeup artist based in the Greater Toronto area. Her love for makeup artistry stems from her early childhood passion for the Arts. She has always enjoyed expressing her creativity through multiple mediums, whether it be painting canvases or faces. She loves being able to connect with her clients to give them their desired look, whether it be a simple look to enhance their features, or super glam to rock some glitter lids.


Before Sabeehah decided to go “official” as a makeup artist and provide her services to people outside of her friends and family, she was conflicted about whether she even wanted to pursue this avenue. Being cognizant of the world we live in today, and knowing all too well that the beauty industry often capitalizes on women’s insecurities and their falsely perceived ideals of perfection; she did not want to add to this. Her values are such that she she only believes in pursuing and being involved in things that add value to society whether it glambysabmall or large scale. She did not want to add to the world of women who already feel as though they need to wear a full face of makeup to feel beautiful, or the ones who wish they looked as flawless as the photoshopped models they see on social media platforms that garner 20K+ ‘likes’. Instead, she decided to pursue makeup artistry as a way to hone her artistic skills and use it as a creative outlet. She ultimately wants women to be able to take back the power from patriarchal constructs and learn to use makeup as a form of enjoyment rather than necessity.